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25th April 2023

Handmade wine cellar

Lady Delia Goodenough

Upon completing the home study, we were also commissioned to create a bespoke wine cellar!

We were delighted to collaborate on this project with the extremely talented Paola Cumiskey, a well known interior artist/designer local to Norfolk

Didi asked Paola to help paint the surrounding wall and ceiling and to give it an old effect in keeping with the exterior brick building. As the desired effect was that of a barrel ceiling Paola worked hard to match the print, pigment and grain of the tiles that had cracked or broke away over the years. All whilst working with the additional challenges that came with an uneven surface space.

We also sent over samples of our oak to Paola which were used to match up the tone of the oak to the doors. The grain lines and pigment were perfectly translated and complemented our cabinetry!

All of this had been achieved over the duration of 3 weeks by Paola’s great eye for detail and hand painted with her beloved medium, water based paint!

This project was a real pleasure to complete, filled with intricate detail. The oak carcass had cupboard compartments designed to suit the storage of all size bottles. We allocated space for pigeon holes on one side and space for boxes of wine on the other.

We finished this piece by adding solid oak worktops and stained it dark. We added an arched effect freeze to give the feel of a curved ceiling and enclosed the space.

It is extremely satisfying to see the shelves filled and in use!

I commissioned the Norfolk Workshop to do two quite technically difficult rooms as this is a very old house and no wall or floor is level or straight. Everything has to be precision made to fit both the house and to fulfil its purpose. The first room was my office which required cupboards and drawers to fit files and office equipment. It also needed specific lighting and wiring to be incorporated within the units. The whole room is in white to keep it light with a feeling of space. The final result was perfect and is now a great place to work. I couldn’t be happier. Based on their work I then commissioned the team to create a wine cellar in solid oak with, again, very specific and detailed measurements to keep wine in various sized bottles and boxes. Again, it was a testing task but the finished result is stunning. The attention to detail in every single shelf is breathtaking and we couldn’t be more pleased. I have recommended the team to friends who have seen their work here and have absolutely no hesitation in providing a reference if required.

Lady Delia Goodenough