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6th July 2023

Beaded Frame, Stop Beaded Styles, Cambered Top Rail

The enormous space afforded by this Norfolk barn conversion can be a blessing and a curse; some kitchens can feel swamped in this space. We developed a plan to maximise the benefits of the enormous windows, creating a light, bright, airy kitchen that is as practical as it is beautiful.

The cabinets echo our Morston Collection, but include an arched top rail. Cabinetry is angled towards the windows, bringing an unusual perspective that makes the most of the floorspace available. This allowed us to include an enormous kitchen island, with plenty of seats for family and friends. This includes an integrated wine rack in oak, and an integrated microwave. These appliances often have a large footprint, so building them in is a great way to release addition counter space.

Worksurfaces are handmade in our Norfolk workshop from planked oak, at a depth of 40mm doe a substantial feel. All cabinets are finished with curved ends, creating a welcoming sweep into the kitchen without and hard edges.
Gunbarrell turnings finish the break between the sink, which is an extra deep butler sink from Häfele. As with all our cabinetry, we use dovetail joints in the drawers to ensure they last a lifetime.

The kitchen is hand-painted in Farrow and Ball Downpipe and Savage Ground.